I am a filmmaker, writer, and now owner and host of the Grand Midway Hotel.  I moved here from Los Angeles where I was working as an assistant to Stan Lee of Marvel Films, and as a cameraman for the musician Prince, and writing, producing, and directing my own independent feature films.  I eventually bought the Grand Midway Hotel.  I call it “A Breathing Canvas” and consider my experiences here to have been a great magical adventure.


Jugular Wine: A Vampire Odyssey

Zombie Dream


An Evening at the Westgate with Damien Youth Live

The Magick Hotel (Episode #1 “The Breathing Canvas”)

The Magick Hotel (Episode #5, “Four Poems by Stan Rice”)

The Magick Hotel (Episode #9 “Writer’s Jail”)

The Magick Hotel (Episode #13 “2013 Year of the Witch”)


The Werewolf Lotus

The First Noelle