Want to hold your private dinner event or holiday office party here?!  Anything is possible!  Contact us with your ideas for rates and reservations.  General events range from $300 to $500 for night.  They include full room to room hotel tours for all your guests.



THE SUNNEHANNA COUNTRY CLUB JOINED FORCES WITH US AND LAUNCHED THEIR NEW, ANNUAL HALLOWEEN “DINNER OF THE MACABRE” IN THE GRAND MIDWAY HOTEL THIS WEEKEND! (This is the country club with the majestic golf course where Phil Mickelson, Jay Sigel, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods competed, recognized as one of the country’s Top 100 Classic Golf Courses, President George Bush visited, etc.) And what a blast of a sinister night that was summoned here! Blowing coffin lids off, the Sunnehanna members arrived via a trolley out front the hotel. All were dressed in black. The Grand Midway stood ominous and ready. Inside, the Country Club had set up a full staff of undead servers, bartenders, chef and cooks, the full works, sparing no expense! The large fun group rolled into the hotel bar for a full night of mystery and dining beyond the grave, possibly never to return again! Classic black and white horror movies played on our big screen and creepy organ music filled the air. We had Mark “the magician” Swindler performing card tricks. Beautiful gypsy Sandy Robertson was reading tarot cards. Jason Bafile was capturing it all via photographs. As hotel host I gave tours of the building’s long history of hauntings and let members explore upstairs rooms along with some of the secret passages behind hotel walls. They learned about young Martha and the fireworks, about the Man in the Hall ghost, they stood in the Canopy Room, and then in the Monkey Room! Next came the meal itself! The staff served an amazing Red Pepper Bisque, then “Finger Licking Good Salad” with ‘fingers’ on it, followed by the main course: “Butchered Beef Steak” with “Vampire Killer garlic bread”, “Man-Eating Piranha” (pumpkin seed crusted Chilean Sea Bass sauced with a nutty brown butter), and “Stuffed Raven” (boneless quail, stuffed with wild mushrooms and served with a red wine reduction)! As if that wasn’t enough, next came an unreal Chocolate Panna Cotta dessert with raspberry coulis! Weird things started happening too to this crazy group. Rubber mice found their way magically being flung across the dining table from one guest to another! The grand dining candles started tipping themselves over mysteriously on their own! People could be heard screaming! Mixed with a good bit of great uproarious laughter! Another half hour of even more unique drinks and hot coffee followed! Finally, everyone was allowed to escape to the trolley for a safe return back to the Sunnehanna Country Club. All of it creating one unforgettable, glorious spooky night! (Thank you Ron Meyers for your brilliant vision! Hope to see you all back next year Sunnehanna!)



THE WOMEN OF SHEETZ! The local Windber Sheetz store just held their staff Christmas party here in the Midway. It went excellent! We watched Elf and Nightmare Before Christmas and gave tours through the building and had a big feast. I’m writing Sheetz Corporation tonight and suggesting they all get raises and vacations with pay!



HERE WE SEE THE ENTIRE STAFF WITH FAMILY OF AMERICAN EAGLE SCREEN PRINT AND EMBROIDERY ENTERING THE MIDWAY TONIGHT…and they were never seen again. (They hosted a private Halloween party. Spread out pizzas. Watched horror movies. Bought voodoo dolls to hide in their co-workers desks later. Toured the entire building with ghost stories and secret passageways, etc. It was a blast. Tonight was the most little kids we’ve had in the building since we moved in. Everyone kept spooking each other. So much fun!) Thank you CEO and Founder Craig Hollern! (They make our hotel t-shirts too.)



So, the Midway is full of screaming teenagers celebrating the 13th birthday of their friend Miss Willa Shaw. It was a grand night. They had a cake downstairs, took tours of every room, heard stories of what its like sleeping the night here from Chef Thom, got a magic act from in-house magician Mark Swindler, watched movies, played pranks on one another, and enjoyed endless ghost stories. It has been a blast. They are currently wide wide wide awake and fully spooked.  Happy Birthday Willa!  It was a pleasure being your tour guide!