When Paranormal State was just starting out it was originally going to be called Paranormal U.  The producers heard about the Grand Midway Hotel and called us asking if we’d consider the Grand Midway Hotel being their premier episode investigation.  We of course were wide open to the opportunity.  

Some of their team came to the hotel.  They shot their initial interviews with some of the hotel residents.  But last minute they switched to a different location for their first episode.  I think it came down to that I, as the home owner, simply wasn’t scared enough.  They liked the hotel but their show needed to come out of the gate with far more of a fear-factor, helping people genuinely in need.  I wasn’t really in need.  I love this stuff.  So, our Paranormal State investigation episode was halted just as it began.

There was an interesting side note that came bout:  Demonologist Adam Blai, who was on Paranormal State‘s team of their first episode, left their team and just moved in to the Grand Midway becoming a resident himself.  Fate had other plans for all of us that first meeting.

TypeqwriterGirl Crystal Hoffman after being interviewed for the hotel episode on Paranormal State.