The show The Haunted Collector filmed an episode here.  They discovered a miner’s lamp in the basement they considered significant and took it with them to John Zaffis’ Museum of the Paranormal in Connecticut.

On this episode of Haunted Collector, John Zaffis and his team visit Tim Brazeal, a preservationist who is restoring an abandoned church rectory in Sedamsville, Ohio. Tim and his coworkers’ efforts to repair the historic property have been upended by what they call unexplained and threatening paranormal activity. The team then travels to Windber, Pennsylvania to investigate strange phenomena at the former Grand Midway Hotel. Now a residence for Blair Murphy, his girlfriend and other roommates, witnesses attest to persistent whispers, shadows, and poltergeist activity.”

The SyFy page describes the investigation:

The next case is the Grand Midway Hotel in Winber Pennsylvania. It was once a hotel but now Blair Murphy and his girlfriend rent rooms to friends and artists.  This is a coal-mining town and was once a rowdy place full of European immigrants, booze and prostitutes.

Blair bought the building to renovate it, but right away he felt something was wrong.  He hears whispers, voices and footsteps and many of his tenants have left in fear!  In the building they’ve found old hotel registries, maps of coalmines with tunnels underneath the whole town and old furniture. Experiences include a chair moving on its own, growling noises and glowing figures.

P.S.: There are some freaky paintings in this house!

The pre-sweep indicated very high EMFs in the basement, with no electrical explanation, and whistle sound, but that was about it.

Research revealed that there were over 400 deaths in the nearby mines. When there was an accident a whistle would blow and families would congregate in the area of the hotel to learn the identities of the victims.

During the night sweep, however, Brian and Chris find an old headlamp that coal miner’s would wear!  And John records another identical whistling sound. Two nights, the same sound. Hmmmmm.

John learns that the headlamp he found was used by filling it with methane.  Often, the lamps would explode- could that be the tragedy that is holding the spirit to this item?  No one can say for certain, but the Blair’s did report a decrease in activity once the lamp was removed.