(Above, a photo of Sarah Ireland.  For many years this was her room.  She has been a part of this hotel from the beginning. Here she can be seen surprised as we randomly pass her third floor room with our spy camera. Imagining Disneyworld’s Magic Castle, Sarah would be the hotel’s Tinkerbell…)

This room has a window view that stretches across the town of Windber, fully ablaze at dawn with the rising morning sun.


(photo by Jason Furda!)



Alex Grey signed prints decorate this room…



I was on this incredible artistic roll last winter where so many projects were happening simultaneously I felt invincible.  One weekend, for whatever reason, I felt absolutely compelled to make a lifesize Ganesha.  Hindu deity in the house…  (Woke up a one morning a few days later to a strange flapping sound.  Walked upstairs to find a live bird had gotten into the hotel and was sitting perched atop the lotus in the statue’s hand.)

Syn Burns commented: “Blair, you have created an amazingly wonderful homage to the Divine remover of Obstacles.  May he clear the path to your infinite success.”

Butch Patrick, aka Eddie Munster from The Munsters, commented: “Keep it out of MY room!!!”