The third floor seems to have a breed of very distinct ghosts.  We call these particular energies the “Shadow Ghosts.”  They appear as dark wisps in the shadows.  The hotel’s pets seem to recognize them too.  Here are some stories…


Sept 20, 2013:  Full Moon Ghost Story

Joe Bob Smith posted this note on line, “Stopped in Windber for the night after returning from Asheville. No longer than 10 minutes in I saw a full bodied apparition on the 3rd floor walking through the wall into Blair Murphy’s office at the Grand Midway Hotel. Strange right? Why the wall and not the door a few feet beside you? Even stranger when the charcoal colored thing had long, wispy tentacles flowing from it’s back. Of course I told Mr. Murphy about it and he encountered a similar occurrence the night before a few rooms down the hall.”

Joe Bob come down the steps, calmly enough.  He said, “Blair, I just saw this black wispy thing in the shadows on the third floor. It was like half a body with all these long black tentacle whips floating off it. It startled me. I was like, What the hell is that? Then it floated into your office. Half of me is like, What is that?! I just saw something. I don’t know what it is. It didn’t go through the door. It went through the wall. I haven’t been back ten minutes and stuff is happening…”

This is funny to me watching Joe Bob become used to this sort of thing. At one time he would only sleep in his truck when visiting the hotel. Now he calmly mentions weird stuff as he encounters it. He even slept in the building later that night.  Being what seemed like a ghost-magnet, Joe Bob usually slept on his car out in the park from being too spooked and things constantly bothering him in his sleep.  Sometimes this got so bad he even braved sleeping in the dead of winter outside the hotel rather than endure the hotel’s ghosts…


What Joe Bob didn’t know during this particular encounter, was that two nights earlier I had a strange third floor encounter myself.

September 18, 2013:

First, I remember walking the halls after midnight noting something felt odd. The energy was a little creepier than usual. When I say ‘a little’ it is because I am acclimated to the place and energy changes, though I recognize them, don’t bother me in the least. But if I was an empath stranger I might use a stronger word to describe the hotel dark electric spooky interior landscape that two nights earlier. Anyway, something obviously was in the air. It was a visual thing too. The shadows of the hall seemed more ‘alive’. I felt it on both the second and third floors. Around 4 AM I took Egypt, my beloved black cat, to the third floor, picked a room, even locked the door, and went to sleep. Egypt, as usual, was thrilled to get the extra VIP attention away from the other cats and sleep deep with me.

Whisper whisper whisper whisper whisper…

I woke to someone in the room whispering. It was very distinct. I could make out that words were being articulated through quick whispers. It sounded like a woman or a little kid. It was coming from the other side of the room, about eight feet away. And to make it all even a tad more actual, my cat Egypt, who loves to sleep next to me and never leaves my side, was over there, eight feet away, in the exact spot giving his full attention to the whispering spook. The whispering wasn’t addressing me. They seemed to be whispering to the cat.

It didn’t change with my sitting up to focus on it. The room was shadowy and wispy in that area so I couldn’t make out a visual form. But my cat Egypt sure could. He normally never would leave my side like that for an empty room. I listened to this creepy whispering for about ten minutes, also watching Egypt across the room as he sat rapt. I eventually just waved it all off and just went back to sleep.

I only even remembered my encounter after Joe Bob mentioned his encounter seeing something two night’s after, something floating around on the third floor that he described as a dark “wispy thing.”


Winter 2015/2016

A few years later, Sandy Anderson, a new hotel resident, stopped me in the hall to describe an encounter she experienced the night earlier.

“Something was in my room last night.  I woke and just knew it.  Gretta (her dog) was awake and staring into the corner of the room.  It was darker.  A kind of wispy thing was in the corner.  It didn’t seem evil, but it was still uninvited and in my room.  So I simply told it to go away.  And it did.  And whatever it did as it left, Gretta seemed really pleased, like it did something so she was entertained or amused.”