A cadaver dog specialist and trainer was brought to the Grand Midway Hotel for an investigation. She had her favorite dog with her. The results were very interesting, especially in the basement. Her dog reacted in a completely uncharacteristic way. She couldn’t explain her dog’s behavior. Watching him, she felt like he was reacting to “things” in the room which she herself couldn’t see. She said she never saw this behavior before in him. There were two “hot spots” in the basement which her dog absolutely did not want to search out. For whatever reason, regardless of the trainers egging on, he shied-away from passing beneath the hotel’s stone foundation wall which has a small arch one can travel beneath.   He also reacted throughout the basement as if there was human remains down there. But she said it was too damp or too cluttered for him to pin-point a particular spot. This was unusual because nortmally he could even find a body under water. So, the basement stumped him on this investigation.

So fascinating was her story that a week later the trainer returned with nine other cadaver dogs and their owners. They traveled up from Maryland. The nine dogs were allowed to sniff out throughout the hotel. Interesting and consistent results were found in the Monkey Room. Finally, they all came down into the basement, one trainer after another, with one dog after another, all claiming to experience very uncommon and unusual behavior from their dogs. One trainer said he’d never experienced anything like this from his dog and that he was very freaked out by the basement.

As this investigation is ongoing about a child buried here.  The further details will have to wait to be posted.  It’s a creepy story…