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“Add a new classic to the holiday lexicon!  Reading this new novel by Blair Murphy was a wonderful treat. Upon picking it up, I immediately thought, “What an ambitious undertaking by Murphy to attempt to add a new spin on Christmas tales.” However, from page one I was hooked. I kept thinking, over and over again, how visually the tale was presented without becoming encumbered with details. The style reminded me of C.S. Lewis in it’s ability to be both immensely beautiful and accessible at the same time. The story itself would make a wonderful film should someone choose to take it on. This story will be appropriate for all ages, and all she’s will enjoy it. What an amazing up and coming novelist we see in Blair Murphy. I highly recommend picking this up, if for no other reason than to own a piece of early work by this author. You absolutely will not be disappointed!”  -Kevin Bean

“Omg Blair, I love this book, I’m addicted to reading it.. Please write another book. I love reading them.”  -Amanda Wacker

“Truly one of the best books I have ever read made me think of my life and who I am as a person u are an amazing person thank you for the book I loved it u really opened my eyes with this book and I have no clue why.”  -Jennifer Hambley

“A terrific new story.  The First Noelle introduces an indelible story to the holiday lexicon. A vivid array of characters written with exuberance illustrates each in both their qualities and flaws to bring reflection to how one lives, imagines and hopes in an imperfect world. It also paints a moving image of a town and community cinematic in nature and how they learn from one another.”  -Michael Halal

“Mr.Blair Murphy scores a home run with another hit novel.  Woo Hoo…another great reading experience from the talented author Blair Murphy…in this enchanting tale Mr. Murphy travels in an opposite direction from his other great novel The Werewolf Lotus showing his diversity with literary styles and subjects…with the humble coal mining community of Windber, PA. set as his background canvas, Mr. Murphy paints a delightful written portrait of a charming Christmas tale in your mind…I would love to see this as a play…download a copy today or better yet also get the classic paper edition to snuggle up with your family and friends next to a cozy fireplace.”  -Thomas Venet

“Another great novel by Blair Murphy.  Based upon my utmost enjoyment of his other novel (The Werewolf Lotus) I decided to read this book, his next offering, titled The First Noelle.  One of the main things that I enjoy about Blair Murphy’s novels is that he seems to have quite a talent to pull your interest into a story to where you are compelled to keep reading when a chapter ends. That was one of the main aspects of his previous work that I enjoyed, and this book is no different. The story itself was a change of pace from his last novel by opening up to a broader audience through telling a holiday tale that is fit for younger readers, yet still retains the vivid, imaginative writing style that I grew to love from The Werewolf Lotus. With that in mind, this is a great novel that can be enjoyed by adolescent readers that sets a holiday mood filled with fantasy, relatable characters, historical descriptions of the town it is set in, and an overall teaching of a very important lesson that is quite appropriate for a story about the holiday season. This was a very nice, to the point tale (and quite an easy read at 111 pages) and another great overall story by Mr. Murphy.”  -Gypsy

“Read your book the other night! I believe it’s destined to be a holiday classic. Your ability to think like a child astounds me.”  -Mark Swindler

“What an awesome book..it was a little sad but still loved .. I cried when I finished book.”  -Amanda Wacker



When I wrote The First Noelle it sort of flew out of me, very quickly.   The book got some immediate Hollywood attention for a possible feature film.   I actually saw it as a movie the entire time I was typing it.  Not that I would play any role in casting if someone else was producing the story, but upon completing the book and discussing the filming possibilities there were three actors I had in mind who matched the characters.  I list these only for fun as a point of interest…

The lead character of grown up Noelle Ireland?  Without question, the exquisite actress Betty White.

The character of Doctor Valentine Brown, the doctor who fixes young Noelle’s hurt hand?  The awesome actor Jon Polito.  (I actually wrote this part for Jon Polito, in tribute, and mailed him the story after the fact.  He read it, called me, and gave the book two thumbs up.)

The character of Mr. Holiday, the piano teacher?  The charming actor Richard E. Grant.