The Werewolf Lotus, by Blair Murphy, 2012, is “a story of dark obsession” set in the Grand Midway Hotel.  Enjoy!

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The first 16 reviews from Amazon, all five star (woohoo!):


“This book is a must read! It contains every element desired to transfix the reader to the pages. Just as you imagine yourself the beings in the book, walking the halls of the timeworn Hotel, frightened but compelled to continue to unravel the dark hidden secrets, you are also compelled by the Novelists unique writing style to continue after the conclusion of each chapter to read on and discover what will happen next!”  -Martilynne

Simply MUST be made into a movie … please!

“Albeit leaving the reader spellbound, the author knew precisely when to jerk you back to reality … his reality. You were always there, right in the room; in the cemetery; watching the circus! Not giving anything away with the aforementioned comments, I just wanted you to realize how Murphy could be both simplistic yet convoluted in the path he allowed us to follow. While meandering through we are entertained by the main character to the nth degree, while also getting increasingly involved with the fine supporting cast. My personal hope is for a screenplay and movie to follow. Don’t miss reading this one!”  -Catherine Haramija, Staten Island, NY


A new standard in science fantasy literature

“If you’re on the fence about picking up this book, waver no more! I was unbelievably impressed by this. It’s extremely difficult to write a book that is both wildly entertaining for readers of all levels, while at the same moment creating true art. Many times, books like the Twilight series will come along which have broad appeal to the masses, but do so at the expense of the writing itself. Murphy pulls no such punch. You’ll be dragged along by the ever building plot of this book, while simultaneously having your mind blown by metaphors which have the unexpected beauty of Kerouac combined with the readability of C.S. Lewis. This is a wonderfully crafted novel that I cannot recommend highly enough.”  -Kevin Bean

A LOCAL READING GROUP TAKES ON THE WEREWOLF LOTUS.  They then had their meeting about it here in the hotel, which is where the book is set, so it was a neat meeting for me to attend, answer questions, and hear their reactions.  Just in time for Halloween…  Later, at the Windber Post Office, a postman asked to buy a copy of The Werewolf Lotus (because so much of it is set in Windber). He then asked for Lucien to sign it. What? He put an ink pad on the ground and had me press Lucien’s paw into it and then stamp it on the inside cover.

This book will appeal to a wide range of readers–a must have!

Wonderfully written, sensually captivating and well paced, this novel inserts you right into the character’s lives as if you were right there with them. As a very busy person, I barely have time to do much of anything, especially read a full length novel. However, I read the first paragraph and was instantly hooked–I couldn’t put this one down! I honestly made the time to read it. Great plot, easy, flowing read and very descriptive. This book will appeal to readers from all genres–from romance, to vampires/werewolves; fantasy to fiction. I was impressed at how easily and quickly I was drawn into the story. This novel definitely warrents a sequel. I highly recommend it to anyone that needs a little “magic” in their everyday lives. Buy it–and experience the magic for yourself. :)”  -Rainborn

You Will Want More.

“Riveting. Smartly written. Great character building. The graceful way in which history, lore and reflection of eras have been woven into the plot is nothing short of…magical.  Am I being a bit presumptuous by suggesting a sequel may be warranted? I’m already feeling a bit like young Claudia in Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire: ‘I Want Some More.’  I venture a wild bite at the future and project that I’m not the only reader who will require it.  Hats off, and clapping.”  -Margaret Lemontree


“I loved this book from start to finish cant wait for a second one (hint, hint). Any fan of horror fantasy will absolutely love it. The story mixed with the history of the places makes this book hard to put down. Destined to become a hit.”  -Kristin E., Windber, PA

 A Great Read!!

“A book destined to become a series and a movie. Well-developed characters and story line. If you like Twilight, you will LOVE The Werewolf Lotus!”  -Brett J. Prince “Neuropsych Doctor”, NJ

 A great read.

“The Werewolf Lotus” is an absolutely great read. The story grabs you right from the start, and doesn’t let you go. You finish one chapter and immediately need to know what happens next. I forced myself to take breaks from reading because I did not want the story to end. A true celebration of life! Highly recommended!”  -David McGrath, Pennsauken, NJ

Beautiful and disturbing

“I found Werewolf Lotus to be a gripping story. Murphy deftly takes you on a journey into the past and back again. It has an pleasantly unexpected, unique perspective on the werewolf. The writing style really pulls you in. I felt as though I could almost see/hear/smell every scene.”  -M.Meechan, Pittsburgh, PA

 Very cool take on the werewolf genre

“I loved this novel! It’s unique and suffused with a lot of passion and creativity. Great setting, and compelling characters. The story not only unfolds with foreboding, doom-laden suspense, but it also vibrates with a blissful embrace of gothic enchantment. I highly recommend this novel for those who want a change from formulaic commercial fiction in this genre.”  -Montresor


“I couldn’t put this book down! Some history, some horror, some love- what more can you ask for? Beautifully written by a most talented author and you can’t help but love the main character…Easy to read and captivating…Truly fantastical- Or is it real??? Great job!”  -Julie Edmonds

 A True Gothic Horror Novel

“On a rare occasion does a modern writer take an iconic monster such as a vampire or werewolf and get it right. Blair Murphy’s Werewolf Lotus is one of these times. He weaves together a tale of horror and love through both period and modern times with ease, so that we may have a better understanding of the life of this werewolf. Murphy paints pictures with his words as we follow these characters through eras that all take place at one central location that still stands today. This book is a true gothic horror story that is painfully romantic and horrific all at the same time. In addition, the book begs to be adapted to film.”  -Julie Hinerman-Meechan

 A Fantastic Novel!

“Wow. For a while now, strictly on a personal level, I have been feeling as if entertainment in general today has been “just alright,” and lacking a certain characteristic that has made the majority of recent offerings seem like I have seen, heard, and read it all before in one way or another. Nothing really stood out to me the way things used to. Every so often, along comes a person or work that would shine through and catch my attention as having that certain “magic” to it again, and this is where Blair Murphy and The Werewolf Lotus fall…  I bought this novel purely on a whim, not really expecting what I was getting into. I let it sit for a few days thinking I don’t have the time to read a full novel and it would end up something I pick up here and there and *maybe* finish one day. Some days later, I found myself having a free night, so I decided to check out the first chapter or two to see what it was all about… That night alone I read half the novel. I was totally consumed in the story. The chapters flow so easily in a way that you almost *can’t* stop – you have to just keep reading and reading because you are so enthralled to find out what happens next. The descriptions used are so vivid and creative that your imagination paints a perfect picture of what is happening throughout the whole story. Themes throughout the book reoccur and resolve so perfectly to weave a brilliant story that you find yourself having many “a-ha” moments toward the culmination of the tale. I had stayed up well past my normal time of sleep that night totally submerged in the story and the next day I found myself eagerly awaiting being able to rush home early from plans I had made just to finish it and finally find out what happens. In my opinion, it was that good. I grew up in the town where a large majority of the novel takes place and have been to many of the sites in the book, and I found it so exciting to be in some of those places the next day and able to add a new feeling to familiar sites that I visited routinely. I finished the novel within another night and agree with the others, this could very well be the start of a very successful line of sequels, and I can absolutely see this novel transition well into film. I’m very glad I picked this up and give Mr. Murphy very high praise on his work, as I have been recommending it to everyone, especially those who can relate to my story. I even plan on giving it a second read.”  -Gypsy

Enchantment Abounds!

“The Werewolf Lotus is a fantastic novel! Every page filled with excitement and enchantment. Rich with details that place you in the moment…you will feel like you are living this book through the character’s eyes. Experiencing what they do… celebrating their joys and successes. While also suffering their mistakes and tragedies. Deeply character driven and full of action and romance. My only disappointment came when I had finished the book and had to leave Mr. Murphy’s beautiful world of Windber, PA to return to reality. However, the nice part of owning this wonderful piece of literature… I can always open it’s cover and return…”  -Dustin Bones

 Challenging, interesting and entertaining

“Good writing should challenge some preconceived notions regarding style. Great writing should take us on a journey that stretches our thoughts on a topic. Here Murphy does both. As we are carried back and forth in time – following our anti-hero and heroine – Murphy catapults the reader forward with a story that is gripping and interesting. The book is full of depth and substance that is deeply engaging, all the while creating a plot that is full of action and fantasy.  A character like Alluicious is a rare feat: loathsome and charismatic; selfish and thoughtful; brutal and empathetic. As we follow his quest, Murphy counter-syncopates the tale with his other unusual character: Nova. Beautiful, intelligent and deeply reflective, this character draws us in and makes us anxious to join her journey … both inward and outward.  In sum: This is a unique work that I truly enjoyed.”  -JoNa Rab

 I loved this novel, you will too!

This thoroughly enjoyable, highly engaging novel expertly blends together suspense, romance, spirituality, the supernatural, history real and imagined, aesthetic sensibility, and dark humor. I found myself laughing out loud at some moments, literally in tears at others. Definitely recommended. You’ll read for the style of telling as well as for the story that’s being told – my personal litmus test of “must read!”

-Pooh Bear, Pennsylvania