With a tip of the hat to classic horror literature characters, and old movies, and magic, and mystery, and rich enchantment, there is a small, tucked-away, atmospheric, coffee lounge inside the Midway with accompanying used bookstore.  We don’t advertise.  You just have to find us.  This bohemian Shangri-la brings one-of-a-kind people out of the woodwork from their distant neighborhoods.  Most people in Windber don’t even know about it.  There’s always some classic movie screening, chess matches erupt, ghost-hunting enthusiasts poke about, curiosity-seekers get to roam free.  Like Ancient Aliens with Giorgio Tsoukalos?  That guy with the hair?  If so, you’re in luck because we play a lot of that too.  So come on in!  It’s kind of an unapologetic, all-welcoming, geeky crowd.  University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown students get to knock out their homework in a different environment.  Right now we have an art gallery opening showing off fifty works by local artists.  Sometimes we have live music or an open mic.  There is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign marching on in the next room.  We serve Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks and New Orleans Cafe du Monde Chicory and coffee blend.  The evening offers an alcohol-free, end of work week, bookworm-ish, cozy creative scene.   So come on in to Coolsville.  Thank you for finding us.  And congratulations.  It is now your secret too.

We are open only one night a week: Thursday, 5pm to 11pm.  (Closed during the dead of winter…)

Outside the front porch is just as popular…


One night a raven showed up!  Another night Butch Patrick AKA Eddie Munster from The Munsters classic TV show stopped in.  It was Halloween weekend.  What a crowded night!

Below, Chef Thom Pulliam, our in-house Chef for the Grand Midway, is a familiar sight in the coffee lounge writing some new chapter for his science fiction novel, The Alternate Realities of Chef Thom.


That was a nice evening.  It was great seeing you.  For the end of this night Rickie Lee Jones is going to set the mood one final time singing her classic Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue).  All you sad-eyed Sinatras, this song goes out directly to you.  So long folks and see you all next week!  I’m unplugging the coffee makers now.  It’s 11pm.  Try to get some sleep after all that caffeine.  Thank you for stopping in to our secret Sahngri-la, you sweet bohemians.

Come on – Joey get out of school
We got places to go
A ’57 Lincoln you got a radio that hurts
And the girls like to touch it
Just to find out if it works
But don’t look at me
It wasn’t me

Joey live on the edge of the corner
Of living on the run
I like to ride in the middle
I’m just tryin’ to have some fun
Until the Pirates come
And take me

And I won’t need a pilot
Got a pirate who might sail
Somewhere I heard far away
You answer me
So I’m holding on
To your rainbow sleeves

Well, goodbye boys,
Oh my buddy boys,
Oh my sad-eyed Sinatras
It’s a cold globe around the sea
You keep the shirt that I bought ya
And I know you’ll get the chance to make it
And nothin’s gonna stop you
You just reach right out and take it
You say – So long, lonely Avenue
So long lonely avenue

I’ll see you there
Wait ‘n see
Be lookin’ for me
Just like you
Just like me